Our 27,000 square foot facility comprises three main functional areas: fabricating, welding and polishing.  This configuration provides us with maximum flexibility in producing both large and small batches of custom metal components.  Once our metal work is complete and has passed quality inspection, our local painting and plating partners will finish components to your specifications, with finishes ranging from powder coated paints to bronze, nickel, chrome and mirror chrome.



Our fabricating team has the ability to cut, shear, drill, punch, notch, bend and form metal components to your specifications.  Doing the vast majority of our fabricating work on-site helps us reduce lead times and provides us with maximum flexibility in product development and prototyping.



Our team of welders and welder-fitters do all of our welding on-site, including the fabrication of custom jigs and tooling.  This gives us maximum control of weld quality and consistency.  We are experienced in aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel welding using MIG, TIG and stick welding technologies.


The members of our polishing team average more than 18 years of industry experience.  They use a combination of handheld polishing tools, pedestal polishing spindles and automated equipment to prepare your metal components for the most demanding of painted and plated finishes, up to and including mirror chrome.